“The Sign Language: A manual of Signs.”

The book title, “The sign language : a manual of signs : being a descriptive vocabulary of signs used by the deaf in the United States and Canada (1910).” You can see it online at:


It was published in 1910 by J. Schuyler Long.

Tell our Deaf people to visit that link and study the signs. It is an eye opener. ūüôā


Audism: Exploring the Metaphysics of Oppression

There is an excellent article by Dr. H-Dirkson L. Bauman on Audism. http://jdsde.oxfordjournals.org/content/9/2/239.full.pdf+html

National Association of the Deaf (NAD) did an excellent vlog on “Audism” as well. The word “Audism” should be inserted in dictionaries.¬† http://www.nad.org/news/2010/4/nad-urges-dictionaries-recognize-%E2%80%9Caudism%E2%80%9D

A letter from NAD to the dictionary publisher:  http://www.nad.org/sites/default/files/2010/April/Scoggins%20Audism%20Letter%20-%20Merriam%20Webster_0.pdf

Imperia Invest IBC – Deaf Community Please be Aware!

Maine Securities Administrator Judith Shaw says those being swindled are consumers who use online chat sites that focus on people who are deaf. Investigators were contacted by a Maine resident who reported a friend had invested $1,000 in Imperia in January after being promised a multimillion-dollar payout within six months.

For more information go to: http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9FM0PB00.htm

Deaf vs. Disability Label

I have been watching several vlogs on the topic of ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ labels. I wanted to share that I do understand where most of the Deaf people are coming from. I do not consider myself as a person with a disability and I am a Deaf person which I am comfortable with.

Let me play the devil‚Äôs advocate for this topic so maybe we can think why we acquired this ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ label.

The United States government tends to fund a certain group of people who were not able to obtain employment or use the public services. A lot of Deaf and hard of hearing people in the past were not able to find employment because of communication issues. To the Deaf community we can communicate fine and have no issues; however, the general public finds this problematic because they cannot sign and trying to mouth words or gesture with the Deaf which creates a barrier for them. This perception has been with us since America was founded. This kind of attitude that was formed that time and still continues with us today.

The ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ label does give the Deaf a lot of advantages and opportunities in life. Most Deaf people do not realize this and let me elaborate this in a bit.

A lot of Deaf people received federal and state financial assistance from vocational rehabilitation services, social security benefits, special education services, interpreting services (schools, hospitals, courthouses, business, and local-state-federal agencies) because of the ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ label. If it was not for that ‚Äúdisability level‚ÄĚ we may never get interpreters, funding for NTID, Gallaudet, and CSUN, or be able to get the Federal Schedule A appointment, and so forth.

A lot if television programs are closed captioned, most sporting events have closed captioned, public broadcasting programs have captions and all of these exist because of the ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ labels.

We do not have to be associated with the ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ label in our lives; on the other hand, we need to get services in order to become successful in life and the ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ label does help the Deaf to get far in life and without this label we would not have VRS, Relay Services, Deaf education programs, SSI/SDI, vocational rehabilitation services and etc.

Are we ready to drop the ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ label and compete with the hearing world without any financial assistance from our local, state and federal government because we are a cultural group and not a disability group? The cultural model in politics will bring us back to the Stone Age and the disability model is a safety net for the Deaf population that needs assistance.

I can see what, why, and where the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) stands on this so called ‚Äúdisability‚ÄĚ label and it is to protect the Deaf people from being deprived from opportunities in life.

Sometimes, we have to sit back and look at the whole picture and understand why this so called ‚Äúsafety net‚ÄĚ disability label is needed until technology has removed all forms of communication barriers in America.

To the hearing world, we are a person with a hearing and speech disabilities and to the Deaf world we are a member of the minority cultural/linguistic community.

Something to think about…

Ridor9th, theHolism, Audism, and Tayler Mayer

I wanted to share something that may help you understand where I am coming from. First of all, we are a closed society and we have various of views that may be extreme to most people. The Deaf community is a very precious society which includes people with all kinds of hearing status. We are evolving and of course there are clashes of ideas which is normal because change is part of the process.

This is how Deaf people learn and by sharing ideas also thoughts; however, not everyone agrees with everyone. That is why we have two sides of a coin and that is the beauty of communication progress. It is true that people attack the person rather than the issues itself and remember people do change also learn by watching other people.

Ricky Taylor (Ridor9th) should not be censored or banned at DeafVideo.TV and we need people like him who offer a different perspective of life. I know he use a lot of vulgarism to show how frustrated he is when no one is giving him the chance to rebut in a certain issue that is dear to him. I also agree he needs to tone down personal attacks and focus on the issue itself but he is changing also have you noticed this yet? I do not always agree with his views but I will protect his right to express whatever he sees fit.

Barry Sewell (theHolism) has been active in expressing his views and majority of his views have been entertained by most readers. He sees what he sees in the world and that is also a valuable commodity in terms of perception of reality. There are people who agree or disagree with Barry’s views and that is normal. The important point is that everyone is learning and they can watch by example to create their own views in turn makes Deaf people a better debater. I understand he will not back off on some issues that he had been burned by some people; nevertheless, he will tone down when everyone else does. He is a member of the Deaf community and nit picking on him will only make him stronger.

Audism is an ongoing controversial issue and people are discussing this term is healthy. Important thing is to attack the Audism term itself and not the person. I understand both side’s argument and I respect them. I do agree with some parts and disagree with most because of people’s interpretation of Audism.

I believe that Tayer Mayer is a good man and he is stuck in a hard place because the word Audism has a political liability that can lead to more problems if he inserted this in the R-List. I think we should discuss more on this to get both sides to agree on something that can be inserted on the R-List. Right now, based on what I have read on various blogs and vlogs seems that (this is my observation) Audism is a form of a hijacking tool to get the Deafhood group to control DeafVideo.TV which may not be true at all and this is what most people see.

Deafvideo.TV is supposed to be for everyone who uses American Sign Language (ASL) and not to use as a political hijacking tool to control issues. Tayer has a point there because his vision is to welcome everyone and record all videos for future generations by preserving ASL.

Lastly, Deafhood is a good concept and it is being used as a political machine (Deaf militants) to go after people who disagreed with their belief system. Deafhood is becoming extreme and starting to oppress people who do not agree with their views. What they need to do is practice what they preach and work on respecting all people with all kinds of hearing status. I know Deafhood people said they are inclusive but outside of the spotlight they oppress people and we had seen this already. Please stop the infighting and keep your eyes on the prize where everyone shares the same vision and goals for all people regardless of hearing status.


Deaf Community – DeafRead & DeafVideo.TV

Dear Deaf Community members,

We have seen so much infighting going on and in my opinion it is not productive.  

What I do is click on topics that interest me and that¬†is how easy it is. If I do not like a certain topic or author and I just pass.¬† There are people out there who enjoy learning about ‚Äúdeafness‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúcochlear implants‚ÄĚ will click on that topic. Others will click on ‚Äúdeafhood‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúdeaf culture‚ÄĚ and it is¬†the person‚Äôs choice. Why does the Deaf community want to control people‚Äôs choice of topics? If they like to read about ‚ÄúAG Bell‚ÄĚ or‚ÄĚ AVT therapy‚ÄĚ as for example, why attack those people who happen to find those topics interesting?

There are so many topics that I do not click because it does not interest me and I do not go around and bashing people who does. We need to learn to respect other people’s interest and let them be. Diversity of ideas is what made America great and trying to oppress someone who does not cater to your own beliefs is immortally wrong.

Personal attacks is not the way to go in my opinion.

How to Destroy the Deaf Community?

This is based on my observations from experience.

How to destroy the Deaf community?

1. Divide the group (Deaf vs. deaf)
2. Disagree about everything
3. Attack the person and not the issue itself
4. Call the Deaf person names, “You are dumb!” and etc.
5. Do not respect their beliefs.
6. Tell rumors, lies and gossip about the Deaf person
7. Get the Deaf people to attack other Deaf people using politics.
8. Grouping Deaf people, i.e. Elites vs. grassroots
9. Telling the Deaf people that they are not smart
10. Telling the Deaf people their ASL stinks

It is okay to be different. This is a wonderful world of diversity and learning to get along is the best gift to the Deaf community.

It is true it is not easy but can be done. The Deaf community is worth saving.

Deafread and Deafvideo.TV – Stay on and Win the Battle!

I have thought hard about those two important web sites: Deafread and DeafVideo.TV.

I have noticed those two web sites paved way to make the Deaf world stronger through advocacy. Deaf Bilingual Coalition, DeafHood, AFA, etc. came from people who were involved with DeafRead and DeafVideo.TV. I think people need to stop and think for a moment because walking out will not solve anything. The world is watching and I understand many people were being tested, insulted, demeaned, and above all crushed. Anyone who overcame these adversaries should be honored because they stayed firm with their beliefs and did not drop their guard. Who cares what the owner of the web site says? It is the people that made up the web site itself. People have power and continue with what you believed. When you walk out and it means you accepted defeat and many people are happy to see that happen. I am not happy because most of you are awesome people and very inspiring. Please reconsider your position and stay on the course. There are talks within the deaf community saying that the Deaf Intellectuals got so scared and could not handle oppression and decided to walk out. They could not win so they left. Only a few left and that will create history that the deaf intellectuals should not be trusted to stay on the course. They like to bomb and run. They like to brag and act like they know everything and when challenged they run away. This is not a good¬† image to see. Stay on the course and lead by example and running away is not the way to do it. Be firm with your beliefs and things will merge when all dust settles. Deafhood, AFA, and DBC does have value and running away kills the credibility of these important organizations. Come back to Deafread and Deafvideo.TV also show the world what you are made of instead of crying “Audism” because we have a bigger fish to fry.

What do I think what the term Audism means.

This is my opinion and I would appreciate to be corrected if my views are wrong. Thank you.

Audism is about a person who has a form of hearing (hard of hearing or has some hearing left) with an attitude that they are superior than the Deaf in terms of verbal communication or ability to hear music or on the phone. This is a form of an oppression by a person with some form of hearing ability against a Deaf person who does not have any form of hearing.

Deafism is about a Deaf person who has a signing ability and with various of native signing skills using American Sign Language with an attitude that they are better than the other deaf person who lacks in fluency in American Sign Language; who is not a member of a Deaf core group, and etc. This is a form of oppression by the Deaf person against another Deaf person.

Aud (Auditory) of or relating to the process of hearing; “auditory processing”; “an audile person”
Source: http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

ism (doctrine, philosophy, philosophical system, school of thought, ism (a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school)
Source: http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=ism

Deafhood: What does it mean?

For those who wanted to learn more about deafhood. Many of you wondered what does deafhood really meant and it is a good refresher. I have included links for your perusal.

Dr. Genie Gertz explains Deafhood

Dr. Paddy Ladd on YouTube.com

An interview with Dr. Paddy Ladd, The book author on Understanding deaf culture: in search of deafhood (5 parts)

You can Google: deafhood

To buy the book at amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1853595454

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